Wednesday, October 24, 2007

****Aavas, The Little Master!!!!

Welcome to Little Master's Blog!

Dashain: Tika

Here are some recent Pictures:

Here is the picture taken after 3days & 3 hrs:

Our Complete Family:

*** 5 Days Old:
**** Here I am 60 hrs old.

Here I am 5 second old:

Here are some pictures taken after 5 minutes right after my birth:

Here is my Dad & Mom waiting for me to come out:

Here I am taking little Oxygen:

Here I am having little dinner after 20 hrs after my birth:

Here I am 25 hrs old:
Here I am 37 hours old:
Here I am having little rest in the paradise:

Dear Respected People...
I just stepped down to the earth 23 hours ago , now I am making this little blog to explain my little dreams & responsibilities towards my beloved parents....Here I have posted some of my recent pictures to introduce myself....
Name: Aavas Jha
Dad: Mukesh Jha
Mom:Apsara Jha
Mom & Dad's dream: To make the great cricket player in the world
My dream: To full fill my parents desire...hopefully..
My wight at the time of my birth: 8 lb 2 OZ
My height:20.5 inches
My doctor :Druny
Hospital: Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, CO USA
Time of the birth: 8:06PM MST